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PSI Automation designs dependable vane air motors.We began as a manufacturer of diesel engine starters over 20 years ago under the name of Pneumatic Systems, Inc. PSI’s design heritage of providing rugged and durable components for large capacity engines has continued today in the design of PSI’s dependable vane air motors. For example, the same shock load factors used in starter component design has endured in our air motor designs. Shock and vibration, two of the most damaging effects from air motor use, are primary design considerations we have taken to ensure durability, especially in heavy duty tool applications -- such as tools used on oil drilling rigs. In addition to the strict heavy duty design requirements, we have designed and constructed PSI’s air motors based on the theme of simplicity. So simple that, normally, any maintenance required on our air motors can be done in the field without sending the motor back to the factory. Today our motors are used in a diverse range of applications from the aerospace industry to automotive, chemical, mining, petroleum, and all sorts of other processing and manufacturing industries.

PSI Automation sells bi-directional and uni-directional motors ranging from 1/4 hp to as much as 70 hp. We offer torque ratings from 4 to 40,000 ft-lb. and speeds as low as 1 rpm to as high as 7000 rpm. Custom motors with special gear ratios or shafts are our niche. If you don’t find the torque, rpm, shaft diameter or length you need on our standard list of model numbers, please inquire with our sales department - quantity doesn’t matter. Various options of mounting styles are standard such as NEMA C-Face and SAE flange mounts, foot mounts, and custom mounts are available as well. Our motors are constructed with corrosion resistant materials such as lightweight aluminum housings, stainless steel shafts and rotors, and hard chrome plated sleeves. We can even provide you with all the properly sized components needed to make your air motor system run trouble-free (click on Control Systems).

We have enjoyed designing this Web site with our customers in mind. Our goal is to make the air motor selection process as painless and simple as possible, as well as providing confidence to the customer that the best possible PSI air motor has been selected. We welcome any comments or inquiries regarding this Web site. You may contact us by clicking on "Inquiries".

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